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›› 03/31/09
Uploading new electronica-goth loops, made for sci-fi, horror and happy vibe movie soundtracks!

›› 03/30/09
Finding sites to advertise...find bass, drums, and guitar geniuses for the There Industrial-Goth band!

›› 03/29/09
Networking in Hollywood...does it matter, though, in the age of twitter, face and other virtual connections? ;-)


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Thanks for your patience while www.therewhite.com is under construction!

Your wild, emo-techno icon, There is on the rampage with a new album!

Forged in the cellophane cesspool city, known as Hollywood, CA, There ripped her way into the techno and industrial scene in 1995 with her debut album, "Broken." In There's new album, Illusion fuses earth-shattering roars and lament, blazingly, menacing guitar riffs, and heart-stopping drum beats...all to concoct bursting at the seams with pulse-pounding scorchers. With standout tracks like "Shadow," look for There to be a major factor in the techno landscape for years to come.

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Myxer.com: (ringtones) There songs as ringtones!

There's YouLicense.com:

http://www.youlicense.com/UserDetails.aspx?User=hottrocks (not updated as yet) aka www.youlicense.com/Artist/There

Youlicense.com's great for alot my soundtrack stuff and more! This is also under construction, but you'll hear songs!

Now For Some Dead Language
....liberum munivit iter, daturus plura relictis: di, probos mores docili iuventae, di, senectuti placidae quietem, Romulae genti date remque prolemque et decus omne. Copia cornu.